The Global Goals bike route

The Project

Sustainable Development Goals

By 2030 our world will be transformed, following the decision made by all the states of the world in the context of the United Nations in autumn 2015. The project is called “Agenda 2030” and at its core stands 17 so-called sustainable development goals.

These global goals aim to eradicate poverty and hunger, guarantee health and education for all people, the protection of ecosystems and the realization of a lifestyle in harmony with the ecological boundaries of our planet all over the world.

Moreover freedom and human rights also have to be acknowledged and protected. The agenda 2030 demands political, economic and ecological measures to be taken by all of the states in the world, both in the North and in the South. They need to be measured according to the “sustainable development goals”. In order for the governments to take their self-commitments seriously, people from all over the world who know the global sustainability goals, who politically engage themselves for these goals and who will remind their governments of their promises are needed. More information and tips about teaching materials and media about the SDGs can be found on our website. 

Why the SDG bike path?

The Global Goals bike path invites people from Bielefeld, as well as all visitors to get to know the SDGs and to promote the achievement of these goals. In order to do so we start directly in the immediate area of experience, where people spend time and exercise. They should be able to literally experience the sustainability goals.

Eight different learning stations are located along the 25 kilometer long bike path around the urban area of Bielefeld. Each learning station depicts one of the SDGs. This can be through signs, audible texts or playful elements, which you can use at every station. The stations are equipped with a big picture sign, a table and seating opportunities as well as an acoustic message about the respective development goal. The bike serves as a linking element throughout the way.

•   It creates the way between the eight stations.
•   It symbolizes sustainable development, because the bike is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation within the local area.

Of course you can also visit the single Global Goals stations on foot and spend time there.

Our target audience

The project is aimed at:

•   The general public of Bielefeld
•   Visitors from outside Bielefeld and interregional biking tourists
•    Schools
•    Youth associations, sport clubs or nature and environment groups
•    Church communities or companies, who are planning a company outing, for example

What we can offer you

Of course you can always visit our SDG bike path and its stations whenever you want to on foot or with your bike. You can pick up a biking map at Welthaus Bielefeld (August-Bebel-Straße 62) for free or at the tourist information at the main train station in Bielefeld.

The Welthaus Bielefeld offers guided biking tours for groups, school classes, clubs, companies etc. During the tour we provide some interesting background information about each station and the SDGs. You can decide on the main emphasis, route and duration of the tour. For more information and bookings send us an email or give us a call (+49 521-98648-0).

Our SDG bike path is also accessible via geo-caching. If your group is interested in this, please contact us.
You can find a QR-Code at every station, which you can use to look up more information with your smartphone or an internet-enabled tablet.

The biking map and our website contain a quiz about the Global Goals bike path. If you are interested in participating you can send us the solution by letter to Welthaus Bielefeld (August-Bebel-Str. 62) or in an email to We offer an e-bike service in collaboration with moBiel and flottweg. Hotel guests can rent an e-bike to discover the bike path and/or the Bielefeld area. If you are interested send an email  or call +49 521 178817

We can advise you in organizing out-of-school events and arrange speakers about the individual topics of the SDGs.

The route: learning by cycling

The Global Goals bike path runs along the biking and hiking path “Das Grüne Netz”(the green net) around the urban area of Bielefeld. The 25 kilometer long route is mostly car free and can be completed by unexperienced cyclers. In many places the bike path is connected to the tram network (line 1). This allows you to also access the Global Goals bike path with public transportation. The tour can be started at every station.

The path leads you through green areas, parks and landscaped areas in the districts Mitte, Heepen, Milse, Brake and Schildesche. Many interesting attractions, but also numerous playgrounds and barbecue facilities and of course the learning stations about the SDGs invite you to take your time.

You can download the route here.
Here you can download the GPX coordinates. You can open the coordinates with a navigation-app.